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Lynoral (Ethinylestradiol)




Lynoral is just a contraceptive tablet that’s taken. It creates utilization of hormones that change the mucus coating of the cervix.

Additional uses of the medication range from the avoidance of irregular uterine bleeding and also the handling out-of low levels.

Essential information

It’s an oral contraceptive which makes utilization of an artificially manufactured hormone comparable in characteristics.

Lynoral can be used to increase the intimate improvement of women with developmental problems in addition to to deal with abnormal uterine bleeding.

This medication may also be utilized in some types of prostate cancer’s treatment. Nevertheless, the primary use is within the avoidance of pregnancy.

Don’t make use of the medication when you have only given birth or if you should be presently pregnant. It’s been recognized to cause birth defects, if you should be pregnant therefore inform your physician.

When you have large blood pressure, center and kidney infection, diabetes, liver issues, oral bleeding and heart attacks, shots or clots, keep in touch with a health care provider about options.

Various other medicines cause serious reactions and may connect to Lynoral. Types of these generally include medicine for Hep-C HIV and other illnesses.


Don’t deviate from your own prescription by any means. Follow the instructions you have been provided by your physician within the drug’s dose.

Don’t go in smaller or bigger amounts than has been suggested. Don’t begin or quit without requesting your physician first getting Lynoral.

Unwanted effects are far less unusual in ladies who therefore are more than 35 yrs old and smoke. If you are nursing a baby or are pregnant, allow your physician know instantly.

This medicine is taken at comparable period every single day. Don’t allow over 24 hours move between amounts of Lynoral.

Meals don’t have an impact about the medication in your system’s effect. When you have a delicate stomach nevertheless, it may be obtained with food.

Missed dose and overdose

Should you remember inside the same 24-hour interval and skip a serving, consider the pill the moment you realize it missed.
this can not demand the usage of alternate contraceptive practices. Nevertheless, lacking two amounts in AROW places you vulnerable to pregnancy.

It’s usually advisable with an alternative approach to contraception just like a condom, available.

Should you overdose on Lynoral, contact disaster medical providers and the local poison hotline instantly.

Unwanted effects

Typical unwanted effects include:

four_dot_bullet_redChests being sensitive
four_dot_bullet_redMood shifts
four_dot_bullet_redSickness with nausea
four_dot_bullet_redInfluenza signs
four_dot_bullet_redhair thinning
four_dot_bullet_redOral attacks

Worse unwanted effects include:

four_dot_bullet_redSerious migraine
four_dot_bullet_redWeakness on a single aspect
four_dot_bullet_redBreast lumps
four_dot_bullet_redDiscomfort within the crotch
four_dot_bullet_redAbdominal discomfort
four_dot_bullet_redModifications in perspective

Should you encounter these unwanted effects, contact your physician immediately.


Don’t utilize Lynoral should you go through the outward indications of an allergic attack, for example hives, difficulty breathing swelling and rashes.

If you should be pregnant don’t utilize it or become pregnant throughout the span of its dose.