Diakof Himalaya




Diakof is just a sugar free cough syrup that’s mainly utilized to deal with cold and dried cough. It’s also considered to be among the popular asthma medicines. It’s very important to observe that since persistent cough is triggered consequently of asthma, this medicine has got the capacity for managing #8211 the main cause; that’s, asthma ? aswell.

How it works

Diakof includes expectorant properties which allow it reduce the viscosity of secretions and to help expectoration. The medication?s antitussive abilities that are peripheral allow it to lessen discomfort associated with bronchial mucosa aswell. Furthermore, the anti-microbial anti and -sensitive qualities of the medication present respite from coughs induced because of numerous triggers including diseases and asthma.

Its uses

The medication’s primary capabilities are to lessen other problems along with persistent cough of asthma. Diakof may handle an ailment referred to as Super-responsiveness of the top of throat. This problem occurs because of mediator release. Diakof has got the capability by lowering the awareness to these problems to decrease these results.


The medicine is principally eaten within syrup’s type. The syrup’s dose mainly depends on the intensity of the problem, patient?s reaction to the patient?s in addition to the therapy individual health problems. The serving may also vary based on elements for example age aswell. For instance, the dose directed at kids and the dose of a grownup may differ. You have to go the moment possible should you miss your normal dose. Nevertheless, if it’s time for the dose miss the dose. Keep in mind that unwanted effects can be caused by getting two amounts having a brief space.

Unwanted effects

Luckily, there unwanted effects for this medicine. Nevertheless, eating the measure that is incorrect or overdosing weaken the problem and may boost the irritation. For instance, in the event of teens and kids, you have to make sure that the dose is measured by you precisely, or even, it may trigger swelling and irritation within language, neck and the encounter.


To be able to steer clear of the previously discussed problems, ensure that you follow these preventive methods:

four_dot_bullet_redConsult a medical doctor before choosing the dose

four_dot_bullet_redGauge the dose precisely via a measuring pot or scoop

four_dot_bullet_redConsult your doctor if you should be getting every other medicine for asthma or persistent cough

four_dot_bullet_redPrevent utilization during intervals of maternity and nursing

four_dot_bullet_redExamine the elements employed for the syrup and make sure that you aren’t sensitive for them

four_dot_bullet_redAvoid eating alcohol consumption because it not just declines the problem but additionally makes the medicine inadequate


Occasionally, the medicine tends to intensify the problem ? particularly if the person uses the medicine based on the incorrect routine or employs the wrong dose. Consequently, choose the best dose and it’s better to consult your health company.

You should use it having a mixture of additional asthma medicine if you were to think this medication isn’t adequate enough to deal with your situation. Nevertheless, you’ve to make sure that it’ll not respond to additional elements of another medicines in an approach that is negative.